Art by Garrett  L. Berry

Living in rural western New York, abstract artist, Garrett L. Berry has taken a unique approach to his vibrant street art inspired works. The journey is different when isolation of country life sets the boundaries for creativity. How does he connect himself to the street artists he so emulates? Improvisation is the key to his creative process. Based on maintaining a balance between abstraction and immutable originality, Garrett paints and draws from the dark recesses of his mind.

Garrett's statement: Drawing and painting are my acts of interpreting the world of the subconscious mind. As we pass through the looking glass into the unknown, forms of color take on a personal interpretation; a visual expression of the warehouse of knowledge and prior experiences that normally stay locked away. As our contemporary world spins into the unknown, my work mirrors the positive and negative cultivated insight of this void. Through these works I hope to evoke the viewer's curiosity of what surrounds the chaos and structure of our own minds.

The idea of freedom and moving art forward at any price, stimulates my inspiration to unearth order out of chaos;conscious out of unconscious. Energy and experimentation take precedent over planning and rationality. Developing form with line and color yields a compositional jumping-off point to a visual world that is limitless in its possibilities. Creating collisions, I design an abstract system of balanced entanglement; space tumbling inward. While drawing in a meditative state, I'm gone for hours at a time; an odd feeling indeed.

Unearthing the dark occurrence of the subconscious, my freedom and play with watercolor painting creates its own truth and significance. The visual allure of watercolor forms and hues creates obstruction from their intensity; this reduces the continuous control of the rational mind because of the complexity created in the watercolor composition. Drawing on those paintings with colored pencils creates a dialogue between one surface and the next. Unforeseen images combine geometric with organic iconography, providing a powerful antidote in the new composition; a new world. My hope is that what I see in my work is completely different from what you see.